Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nick and Larry's Cookies and Cakes

Hi everybody!

My brother and I just launched our Cookies and Cakes @ business!

Please have a visit and do support us.  Sorry about only covering Klang Valley.  We hope to expand it further in the future.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Could I consider Paris as the destination for 'Love'?  Rome and Vatican are totally different countries.  Rome, was indefinitely to 'Eat'; Vatican was surely to 'Pray'; and lastly Paris which is known to be the city of lights and also of Love.

Gotten a go-on-your-own tour package (they just give you a day pass for the public transport - metro and bus, plus a map, and the transit to-fro tickets).  So had a day to kill Paris.  My advice to you, try to fit 2 days in your schedule to visit Paris.  Your legs would thank me and sing praises :)

Started off the journey from London's St. Pancras International Station via Eurostar.  It was quite a smooth ride but if you tried walking to the toilet or the F&B compartment, it would be as rocky as hell!  I would really love to see how was the train was.  Imagine it took like 3 hours (was it 3 hours?) to go from London to Paris - it's really quite a distance.

Reached 'Gare Du Nord' Station in record time and the station was already packed.  Everybody was blabbering in French that I couldn't comprehend.  My level 1 French is really of not much use.  All my lips could mutter was 'Bonjour' (Hello), 'Au Revoir' (Goodbye), 'Merci' (Thanks), 'Un' (1), 'Deux' (2), 'Trois' (3), 'Oui' (Yes), 'Non' (No), and 'Je ne parle pas bien le français!' (I don't speak good french).  It was really a sad case.  Oh well! Speak English then and screw them in a Chinese dialect :P

Took the Metro and headed to Notre Dame Catheral.  It was huge!  I really couldn't imagine how did they do it and the time taken for that endeavor during that time.  Most incredible.  It is incredible outside, it awesome inside.  The priceless stain glass was like wow!  I guess I would be muttering OOOs and AHHHs - see the photos for yourself :)

Next destination - Louvre Museum which I regretted walking pass and not going in!  The line was long and I had a day only to cover.  Don't mention that walking really takes a lot of time.  The Louvre contains the most priceless art collections in the world!  E.g. Mona Lisa.  Need I say more?  If you want to see the interior, go buy / rent the movie - The Da Vinci Code.

After the Louvre, tracked across the garden/courtyard with semi or fully nude sculptures of ladies with their dog through a smaller arch, which cannot be compared to the Arc de Triomphe.  There were alot of people lazing about and soaking up the Sun.  We, Asians, would be able to comprehend this addiction to the Sun :P

So we reached an Obelisk.  God knows, the French know, I don't know why would there be an obelisk in France?  It suppose to be in Eygpt.  Oh well, that's globalization to you during the days when coke was not around yet.  From here, the Arc de Triomphe was in sight with a bad traffic jam!

So needless to say.  Tracked to the Arch again via Champs-Élysées!  Saw the Petite Palace - Palais de Petit.  Don't ask me why but I would love to have those gates!  Saw the LV shop and walked passed it - crazy nutters lining up to enter! and mind you its the only shop that has a line.  Besides that there were branded names along the avenue - Nike, Hugo Boss, Renault, boutiques!  Cash and carry your own Prius...haha..

Finally reached the Arch!  Paid to go up 284 steps to the top.  With my condition, I was SOB-ing (Short of Breath) up there. Haha!  The view was fantastic!  Had a great view of the Eiffel.  I wonder why didn't I take a panoramic shot?  The lack of oxygen affected me greatly! :P

Next stop - Eiffel Tower!  It was rather interesting but not really a wow in it.  It just metal frameworks in a shape of a tower.  But I guess I do have to give it credit and respect as it was built during those days and not now.  It seems like it started to rust!  Do enjoy the photos because I have no more to say as it was already evening and have the transit back to catch...

For more photos, click here.